Adjacent Stories

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An emerging book. Alive and changing. Before your eyes … Virtually. Electronically. Really. Gradually.

Enough said. You can read the book. I invited a scientist to write a few “words before the book.” He could explain much better why these stories are called adjacent. A good way to start reading. Otherwise, read whichever chapter piques your interest in whatever order. After all, they are just that — Adjacent Stories. One next to the other, and all — next to one elusive character …

… to be continued …

List of draft versions

0000 — Prolegomena to Adjacent Stories

by Michael Praetori

2020 — Just me


Not the first night

1949 — Grandpa Wilfried


How Germany lost the war

1963 — Father Horst
2020 — Mother Clara
Last updated December 2, 2021

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