Just words: God

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God exists in good faith while all live a second of serenity.

I wrote this American Sentence in reply to ben Alexander’s American Sentence on the Skeptic’s Kaddish. His sentence was:

Jews wouldn’t exist without faith, regardless of whether God exists.

Just in case, he also explains what an American Sentence is.


2022-01-23 SD Writing / Creativity Group

It was a beautiful afternoon in the park, writing and sharing with wonderful people. [I still can’t grasp – fully – that I can do this in January.] The prompt was a poem with the title Funeral. The lyrical I asked for a celebration of the happiness and fulfillment achieved.
And I still have not read up on Tarot.

If you have the time and energy to read more of these texts you find them in chronological order on this website. Let me know what you associate with them, what you like, what you dislike, what you read in them, how they make you feel …

Just words: Giving

“Subhuti, if someone gives treasures equal to the number of sands on the shores of the Ganges river, and if another, having realized the egolessness of all things, thereby understanding selflessness, the latter would be more blessed than the one who practiced external charity. Why? Because great disciples do not see blessings and merit as a private possession, as something to be gained.”

Subhuti inquired of the lord Buddha, “What do you mean ‘great disciples do not see blessings and merit as private possession’?”

“Because those blessings and merit have never been sought after by those great disciples, they do not see them as private possessions, but they see them as the common possession of all beings.” 

Diamond Sutra, chapter 28

Let me give you some advice. Give me a break. You have got the gift. Give it back to me. What gives?

There is a lot of giving going on here. Always. Everywhere. Each of us. Let us take time to reflect: Did I give you this to receive? Later maybe? Straightaway?  How does a gift make me feel? Is it pure joy? Any gratitude?  Oh, gratitude! Now, am I obliged to give? Give to you? When? Or to somebody else? I am sensing a debt with a forceful forecast to pay. Back. Am I chained to the gift already? What must the newly gifted slave do?  What have I given? To whom? Often? Or seldom? Too often? Too seldom? Too little? Too much? Too to many? Too to few?

And I give you the spoiler. Straight up. I have no answer for any and all of these questions. I have very few answers to give. And I give them freely. What do you mean, you didn’t ask? There is a time when an answer comes. Just like that. You can’t give it back. You don’t know where it came from.

There is a lot of giving going on here. Everywhere. Always. For all of us. We got a gift. Unique to each of us. And shared among all. The gift. Life. Don’t give it away. Keep it. Share it. We are all gifted.

Subhuti, good people have no merit and were given no blessings. You understood. Good people share and shine the merit and blessings we all possess.

I have signed up for a year-long online writing course. This is lesson 4 on ‘giving’. I am committed to the remaining 48 lessons … I am a little behind, because we are in week 5 of the year, but I believe it is going well. So far I have done the fairytale Hans in Luck, short autofiction on work, and some freewriting on ‘obstacle’.


I grew up in East Germany. So, with the German language. Over the years and not only at that time, I have written some texts in German. I might translate this one into English later. Although I have translated a few poems into English (or into German, for that matter), I have not yet translated one of my own texts, he added hastily.

And if you like the little texts — poems I wrote or translated — they are, in no particular order, under Just texts.