Just words: pain

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The cure for the pain is in the pain

Rumi says. This is what I read in a post by Tara Brach.

Hey, Friend,

These Rumi words have been playing in my head – on and off – for weeks now. We all see pain. A lot of the time. In a lot of places. We all feel pain. Sometimes we know. At times I did not. Not even that it was pain, that feeling. We all have pain. I believe. From what I saw and felt.

And I don’t like it. Pain. I used to say that. Often. Then I began to qualify. I don’t like unnecessary pain. For myself. For others. For others, especially. It used to make me angry. Why wage war on Ukraine, for example? Unnecessary and painful. Why ignore what your friend needs? Unnecessary and painful. For both of us. Why leave the table dirty, when you get up and go? Utterly unnecessary and pinprick painful. For your neighbor and your mind.

Cure for the pain: clean the table. Yup. Now. Cure for the pain: mind your friend as you mind yourself. Just do it. As they say in some advertising. Cure for the pain: learn that no country is ever yours. As president, pawn, or peon. Just steward. Steward just. And serve.

Then the opposite of pain is peace. Cured. And the word cure is somehow related to care.


da da dream da
da da dream da
da da dream da 
aha hrim hum
aha hrim hum
om hum
lam lam hrim ram
lam lam hrim ram
lam lam hrim ram

Shante Prashante Sarva Bhaya Upasha Mani Swaha
Aham Prema

The repetition song by Max Ablitzer was the prompt for a six-minute writing practice with eva. The first 9 lines are what I heard at first listening. Huntingly beautiful. And it reminded me of a Sanskrit mantra. I finished with two of them. The first invokes supreme peace and I offer the quality of fear to its source in the higher and formless universal mind, finishing with salutations. The second chants divine love. Both are sung here by Deva Premal, who, like I, was born in Germany. 

From the youtube above

There is a time

There is a time for everything
A time for writing 
A time for reading texts about 
A time of people standing up 
A time of an empire falling 
A time of #suffering 
A time of #freedom

You guessed it. The hashtags. I wrote this for Twitter first. A couple of times, I have done it the other way ’round: Blog first, Twitter later.