I took this photograph from an airplane on an Atlantic flight from Europe to Canada in 2011.

I don’t write or even work on airplanes and have always admired colleagues who can do that. I need a stretch of time and sit down quietly, working with the computer or simply with paper and pencil … and eraser. A few texts have accumulated over the years and I’d like to share some of them.

Just texts

For as long as I can remember, I have written the occasional poem. The first ones were for my mother’s birthday or something that I would recite to be let into the “Christmas room” – our living room that had been off limits for a day and now had a Christmas tree and presents – on Christmas Eve. Some of them are in German, some in English. Many of them are translations of poems into English or German. Here in San Diego, I have joined a few writing groups and have started to take my own writing a little more seriously. So new texts get added to the blog …

Just words

… is a series of blog posts, which I had originally started on the Panta Rhei site. I pick a word and start playing with it. Looking at it from different angles. Each word has its surprises, when the light shines on it. I hope you will be as surprised as I often am.

Adjacent Stories

These stories, I started in 2020. Many different voices. A different one in each story. In the end, it is only about one person, who does not get to speak, though. Sketches and drafts in different versions. I am hoping to write this complex fictional in front of your eyes over time. At the moment, this project is on the backburner, but one never knows …

Shaping circles

The circles of life. My life. Me making sense of things. The way I do: by writing.

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