Butoh dance and dancer

dancing darts 
darkness drapes
tense dancing
toward time
trashing dross tales

and I see
her shaking
the dance is
not the dancer
and pain is

The video clip above was the writing prompt in this workshop run by Eva, who has two texts on this blog.
Before today, I did not know anything about Butoh, a Japanese dance form. Ankoku Butō (暗黒舞踏) = the Dance of Darkness.


2022-01-23 SD Writing / Creativity Group

It was a beautiful afternoon in the park, writing and sharing with wonderful people. [I still can’t grasp – fully – that I can do this in January.] The prompt was a poem with the title Funeral. The lyrical I asked for a celebration of the happiness and fulfillment achieved.
And I still have not read up on Tarot.

If you have the time and energy to read more of these texts you find them in chronological order on this website. Let me know what you associate with them, what you like, what you dislike, what you read in them, how they make you feel …