I just want light

Photo by Mohamed Khaled on Pexels.com
Why is the light white, he asked. 
- What kind of question is that? Do you want to buy these bulbs or not? 
— Wouldn’t it be good customer service to answer my question? I am just wondering about the color.
- The color of what?
— Of the light. I can’t see it.
And he pointed at the little boxes on the shelf.
- Are you serious? I have been working at Homedepot for seventeen years. Your question is a first. 
— Really? Are people not buying these bulbs?
- Yea, they do, but they don’t seem to talk about them as much. They just buy them.
— Do they ever return them? If they don’t have the right light?
- I don’t know. I work in these aisles, not at the service desk. You have to ask them.
— But when they don’t know what is meant by white!
He was gesturing at the shelf again.
- The light is white. What’s so difficult about it?
— Isn’t all light white?
- Really? How about red light?
— No, I mean the light itself. From the bulb. Not some filter. Or glass. Or whatever.
- All these bulbs have some kind of glass. It filters the light.
— Yea, sure. The one I opened has clear glass. So, I was wondering.
- Wondering about what? 
— Where does the white come from?
- I don’t know. It’s a bulb.
— That’s why I want to buy it. Just with the right light.
- All bulbs have the right light. You just need to know what you want.
— I want a light bulb. With nice light. Why does it have to be white?
- You said all light is white.
— Right. But I don’t want that.
- What do you want?
— I have no idea. Just light.

This conversation was playing in my head. A conversation about nothing. Just light.
Practicing the writing of dialog in a writing workshop a few weeks ago.