mean the name

Woodcut by Peter Flötner
mean the name
there are many of us
grandpa said again
we were left behind 
in east-villages in wars we 
looked after women he laughed
sheriff Schulze
at three you were thus 
cute mother corrected
me after cutting in 
her fairytales the family
got a gift of god grandma
meant you Mathias

I wrote the first draft of this text in a workshop on fairytale poems with Leonora Siminovis organized by Hugo House in February 2022. It changed quite a bit since, but I am still riffing on my last name, which is very common in parts of Germany.

2 thoughts on “mean the name

  1. Intriguing snapshot of a family history. My family came to America after betting on Bonny Prince Charles … and losing!🤣


    1. I figured there was something Scottish in your texts. I spent 10 years in England’s north. My family is still in Germany.
      I very much appreciate getting your comments.


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