Nighty Night (1)

Sandmännchen (daily TV show of 10 minutes at 10 to 7, with 22,000 episodes since 1959)


I am your little sandman, and I am not sure you remember me. I used to send Mathias into a good-night’s sleep through a small black-and-white TV. The little rascal slept a few minutes after seven until the morning. I used to send his son to sleep through VCR tapes, when they lived on that island. I  can send you to sleep through the much more powerful interweb. When you are ready to go to bed, let’s begin. (I never spoke, for you I will.)

Open your eyes wide, then you will see me arriving on a light-blue helicopter, landing in the park nearby. Can you hear it? Now listen to the song the children are singing.

There is still time for a little bedtime story:

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She was quick on her feet all day and tired in the evening. But during the night the dreamees often came, woke her up, and kept her awake. The princess talked to the herb fairy, the alchemist, and the powerful speller. She so wanted to sleep through the night. And none could help. One day, it was dark already, she looked around her bedroom. The beautiful things and the cozy atmosphere. And there was the dreamcatcher. On the wall. Nothing had been caught in its web. Nothing could be caught in its web, the beautiful princess said to herself. So, she got out of her bed again, gently unhung the dreamcatcher, and put it on the balcony door, where it belongs. The dreamcatcher vibrated quietly. She could feel it, went back to bed, tucked herself in, and slept until the morning.

And if she has not died, then she is still alive today and sleeps through every night.

Now, it is time. Close your eyes, or leave them open. As every evening, I am spreading my sleepy sand in everybody’s eyes. You can wash it out in the morning. (And yes, you can still take your melatonin, but you really don’t have to.)

Ich wünsch’ euch eine gute Nacht.

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