Nighty Night (2)

The story told today …

Sandmännchen says hello,

Open your eyes wide, then you will see me arriving in a red Trabant cabriolet. Yes, right here. I am parking my car next to the playground. The children see me and wave. Together we go into the tall apartment building, because their mother is calling. It is almost bedtime. Now listen to the song the children are singing.

There is still time for a bedtime cartoon story. Mother has opened the cabinet doors in front of the TV screen:

On a little pond, in a little boat sits Erwin, the angler. He has still got his work boots on, when he throws the fishing line in the water and grabs his sandwich for supper and waits. Little Fred is the first one to swim up to look at the hook. He is the cheekiest of the fish in the pond. They all know Erwin comes here every evening, and they all like him, because he has never caught a fish. And they like to give him something to do. Erwin is eating his sandwich. He can hear the fish, little bubbles come up from their laughter. Did the swimmer move? Erwin tucks and tucks the line again and begins to dream of the biggest fish ever. He pulls harder, stands up, and pulls with his whole body. Plop. He begins to roll in the line. This is so heavy. The biggest fish ever. He pulls the hook out of the pond. And there is …. …. …. an old bicycle. 

Erwin cycles home and goes to bed. He smiles. Ach, these fish … I will surely catch one tomorrow.

Now, it is time. Close your eyes, or leave them open. I am spreading my sleepy sand in everybody’s eyes. You can wash it out in the morning.

Ich wünsch’ euch eine gute Nacht.

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